About Me

January 18, 2010

Alex Vietinghoff is a freelance videographer based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He is best known for his cinematograpahy, editing, and documentary filmmaking, but is also the co-founder of The Manatee, a satirical news website.  Little-known fact: Alex is also a professional narrator/voice actor and has been the voice of numerous commercials, ads and videos that have aired on televisions, radio and the web.


I work as a travel/adventure documentary filmmaker for Trekkit TV: a show about exploring the great outdoors and the world around you. For the past couple years I was a full-time videographer/multimedia creator for Outreach Productions, and I now freelance for them and any clients who need strong visual storytelling. My long-term goals are to report on health and fitness issues, travel while creating documentaries, and tell important, unique stories that others aren’t telling. In my spare time I’m the co-founder of The ManateeNew Brunswick’s satirical news website. Give it a read if you want a good laugh and zero productivity for the rest of your day.

Use the tabs above to look through my resume, some of my broadcast and print work, and listen to some narration/voice-over samples.

To view some of my most recent work, check out the “Vietinghoff Independent Productions” Youtube channel.